Infidelity test...

  1. Do you receive unusual expenses or unknown movements in your credit card?
  2. Have you received unexpected expenses of credit card or telephone that arrives to a P.O box that you don´t have access to it?
  3. Do you receive Counts of cosmetics, perfums or other elements bought but not received?
  4. Have you noticed that the cover of the water seat is up and when you return home is down?
  5. Have you discovered the recent opening of a check account of your couple?
  6. Have you suffered anu increasement in the telephone long distance calls or unknown numbers?
  7. Have you noticed that the seat of your couple car has been moved ans isn´t in the usual position?
  8. Have you an unusual increased in the take off money of the ATM card?
  9. Does your couple take off money in ATM machines far from your residence place?
  10. Have you ever found tickets of ATM with date and hour of money retired when your couple was supposed to be in other place ( working, studying, at home)?
  11. Have you received payments of the jewellery or florist that you haven´t ordered?
  12. Do you have an absurd increasement of the gasoline and the kilometers of the vehicle used by your couple?
  13. Have you notice if your couple suddenly assists to a gym or a clinic to loss weight or improve his/her siluet?
  14. Do your couple visit the bronzing saloon?
  15. Have you observed an sudden change in the habitual hair style of your couple?
  16. Do your couple use more perfum that usually?
  17. Have you seen hairs of different colours or lengths in your couple´s clothes?
  18. Have you noticed cigar smoke in your couple´s clothes that can´t be explained?
  19. Does your couple make an excesive expense in new clothes and in an unusual style?
  20. Have your couple maked a drastic an unusual change in her/his dress style?
  21. Does your couple buy sexy underclothes that you never have seen to use before?
  22. Is there an unexplained indifference in your couple´s relationship?
  23. Does your couple suddenly start to work extra time?
  24. Does your couple ussually says you when you ask her/him for: that “it´s all in your mind”, “ you see what doesn´t exist” or “ you are crazy”?
  25. Do you receive phone calls of suspicious or unknown numbers?
  26. Do you receive phone calls that when you answer they interrupt the call or an unusual hours?
  27. Have your couple bought suddenly a beeper or cellular phone?
  28. Does your couple have no interest in sex?
  29. Does he/she use new sexual techniques that have never used before?
  30. Have you discovered hidden profilactics or some evidence of its use?
  31. Have you discovered hidden underwear clothes?
  32. Doesn´t he/she use the wedding ring?
  33. Does your couple take business travels alone?
  34. Does he/she ask for time to stay alone?
  35. Does your couple promote you to begin to go out with other people?
  36. Does your couple leave home earlier as usual to go to work?
  37. Have you notice loss of interest in familiar subjects of your couple?
  38. Does your couple arrive home smelling alcohol or an unknown perfum?
  39. Does your couple have new friends?
  40. Does he/she get out the house during a discussion?
  41. Is your couple nervous at home?
  42. Does your couple dissapear for hours and you don´t know where
    he/she is?
  43. Does he/she have an excessive use of his/her personal computer, internet or e-mails?
  44. Have you discovered suspicious stains ( as semen or vaginal fluids) in underwear clothes, bed clothes etc?

If you answered “yes” to four or more of these
questions, is almost sure that your relationship is in trouble.
We recommend you to contact a profesional private investigator
to discover the truth.