Walking down the street...

When you walk down the street, if you go out the supermarket, if you went to an authomatic bank,be very aware of your environment, all the precautions you can take may be not enough.
When you are in your house, be aware that the doors and windows are closed ( in case they have no exterior protection).
If you have to travel and you will leave your house alone and without custody, don´t comment in the neighbourhood.
This advices may be very simples, but don´t doubt that they will help you to decrease the risks of robbery or confidence abuse.

One of the main objectives of the thieves are the properties that remains long periods empty, as for travel business as for their owner´s vacations.
Minimize the risks simply asking for a friend or familiaar to visit your house at least three times a week, and switch on the lights and the radio or television. That shows presence and movement i the place.
Other important detail is: while your absence try to cancele your suscription to newspapers, if it is no possible, ask for a friend to mantain yourpost-box empty.
Is important too to mantain the garden clean,nothing that could indicate that the place is alone.

May be all these advices could seems to be paranoic, but the security specialists affirm that all that details are very important to prevent future possible problems.
Remember: when you are driving your car always keep the doord locked, don´t put bags or documents on the seats, it´s better to put them out of the exterior vision.
Don´t leave your arm or hand outside the car, you can be a victim of rapture of watches, brazalets or even rings, and you could even be hurt.
Avoid to be alone in zones you don´t know, or are known as dangerous, if you have to stop in a semaphore, always have the car in conditions to start inmediatly in case of suspicious actitudes of people outside.

When you arrive home,if you are in your car, look around,if you suspect of something or somebody don´t stop, go on some streets and then go back.
If you are walking,when you arrive home you may have the key on hand, and don´t enter or stop if you see something suspicious.
Always may occur something unexpected, but it´s really true that if you take some little precautions as a routine, almost all the crimes on people or properties could be avoid.