In your car...

Drive with closed glasses, use the security belt, close all the doors.
So you will be more protected against a STONE SOMEBODY may throw, or any obstacle that could put on the street.
This method is common in thieves, they don´t measure consequences.
In the semaphores, mantain the car with the first speed placed, be careful if strangers approach to the car.
It´s a good thing to stop the car 10 meters before the corner, so when somebody approachs, you let the car go to the corner, and you left the possible danger behind.
Never descend and left your car on, and never leave the keys in your car, not even for a few minutes. Try to park in the street in front of shops, or iluminated places with people.
Don´t leave on the seats objects or values that could be seen from outside.
When you descend, be sure that the glasses are completely closed, and all the doors locked, including the back one.
If you are parked and you return to the car , make sure there no suspicious near it.
In the places or parkings that gives you a driver to park your car, try to identify the person, and ask for a voucher with the details and exterior aspect of your car.
When you return to your home, be careful about the presence of suspicious people around it, and inform your family that whenever you arrive to your house, you will sound the horn.
Don´t drive with open glasses, avoid jewells or visible values, don´t stop with a hand or elbow outside , this could make you to be robbed or injured, always check and have all the doors locked.
Install in your car security equipment that makes the thieves work difficult ( alarms, hidden keys to the electric system, etc).
Remember that the thieves always prefer those cars which are easy to rob.
Don´t pick up strangers in the streets or routes, even if they have an attractive or innocent aspect.
In isolated places or late in the night, don´t stop to help people that could have any mechanical problem, if it seems to be an accident, call the police or an ambulance.
If you have a little crashin an isolated place or late in the night, before leaving the car, analize if it seems to be intentional or strange.In this case, don´t leave the car to see the damage , move the car and try to see the matricule number of the other car, and just go away to the neartest police station and denunciate the fact.
Don´t take the original documents of the car inside it, authenticated fotocopies are recognized by the transit authorities.
If in an isolated place or late in the night you have a puncture of one or two wheels ( it´s known cases of punctures of the four wheels), never stop the car, evaluate the situation, go on to the first place you could be helped. If you have a cellular phone, call the police and inform where you are going without interrupt the call.
If you parked your car on the street and when you come back the car has a sudden failure, never trust on the strangers that can appear as savers of your problem, they could be car thieves that expect you to give them the car keys and inactive the car alarm.
Then you thank the actitude,try to reach a place with people´s movement and call for car mechanical assistance.
The car radios are the accesories more looked for the thieves.
Try to buy the ones with dismontable front, so that you can take it with yourself when you leave the car in the street. If you can´t take it where you go, try to hide it under the seats or in other place.
The first thing the car thieves do when they rob a car is change the matricule number, so that it difficults the car localization even in case of inmediate denounce, so you may try to put on tour car some hidden elements, and other very visibles to identify it as a colour light, some big stickers, etc.
If your car is a big value for you, always try to have an insurance thatprotect you in case of loss.
Remember that the thieves are always waiting for the opportunity, take this advices as a routine, and you would make their job very difficult.
And always remember..

In case of assault, don´t resist, your life has no price, and any insurance can came it back, think of your family, concentrate in that image and keep calm.