Consider that:

  1. All security you can adopt is not enough in front of thieves.
  2. Think about the concrete cases you know, and how you would proceed in these situations.
  3. Think and apply the preventive and defensive measures that you consider appropiate for your own use: nobody is better than you to take them.
  4. The costs of security should be consideres an inversion and not an expense.
  5. Depending on your particular an familiar situation, determine the vulnerabilities of your life style and your activity.
  6. Don´t expose your security for prejudgments or shame, take always present that kidnappers have no scrupules.
  7. It is not of cowards to take logic defensive measures, neither of courageous deny a sad reality.


At Home:

  • Electric porter.
  • Television closed circuit.
  • Porter.
  • Main dispositives: Mirrors on doors , elevators and principal halls.
  • Locks, blindages, security chains.
  • Domestic personal: antecedents, ambientals, follow up.
  • Microphones, amplifiers, emergency phones,perimeter circulation.

In parks or open areas:

  • Dogs.
  • Alarms.
  • Magnetic fields
  • Mirrors on court doors.
  • Ilumination of balconies terraces and fences.


  • Telephone calls. Don´t figure in the telephone directory.
  • Hide your adress.
  • Mantain absolute reserve about activities.
  • Avoid comments.
  • Don´t anticipate decisions.
  • Presee surprise, distrust and permanent observation