Consultancy in Security

The economic spies can be defined as the clandestine and ilegal activity developedby a person or private organization to obtain secret and classified information about the economy of one institution, with te object to reach an economic adventage.

A.ACCESS DETECTIVES give to the organizations support to obtain information about any activity that could damage you or your enterprise, through the most advenced equipment and technology.

We investigate the facts, and bring you the information and proofs you could need to confront litigations succesfully.
Our investigation procedures have the highest level of professionalism and rigorous, because our technics and investigators have a solid and permanent education.

  • Legal advice in installation of elements for fraud detection.
  • Assesor in interior security and methods of industrial contraspies.
  • Security analysis in all kind of private communications. <more...>
  • Rdioelectric analysis. <more...>
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures. <more...>
  • Electronical protection of meetings.
  • Computer security.
  • Special security in congress, exhibitions, fairs, etc.
  • Security and Personal Custody of foreign VIP’S or Executives.
  • Satelital control of fleets (GPS)