In the empresarial area we can support you in the detection of the loss in case of ant robbery, fraud and confidence abuse, and in the identification and correction of the vulnerable points of your sistems, as in the investigation and confirmation of the falsification and robbery of your products or technology, and investigation of commercial and socioeconomic antecedents.

The electronic and lab services includes the survey and use of the most sofisticated technology, that allow you to obtain faithful information of the facts or suspects.

We offer you: microphones, phones intervention detection, etc.

  • Financial reports previous to embargo and executive judgement.
  • Localization of goods inmovables, vehicles, industrial machines in Uruguay, Mercosur and the world.
  • Moral and economical responsability.
  • Search of enterprises and administrators.
  • Empresarial holding in reference to the relation or participation in certain business-man and societies, as the real vehicle between them.
  • Real and actual economic solvency of a mercantile socierty, cooperative or person.
  • False insolvency.
  • Real and actual economic situation of a physical person or company.
  • Commercial reports.
  • Bank accounts searching.
  • Search of debtors.
  • Legal and economic audits.


We count with a modern and efficient technology to follow by satelital system all the vehicles you are interested in.
The devices we use are absolutely indetectables.