• Absenteeism.
  • Conservation of other’s goods.
    Satelital control of fleets and verification of the use given to vehicles, machines, inmovables, etc.
    Control of expenses in case of representation or viaticum
  • False absences
    Achievement of proofs obtained by vigilance controllers and follow up about the falsity of illness.
  • Pre-laboral
    Real investigations and reports about the laboral behavour in other jobs, verify of academic data, social behavour and antecedents of the person you will contract.
  • Production control.
  • Not fair competence.
  • Dissapearence of merchandise or goods.
    Follow up and control of products in Uruguay, Mercosur and the world, as in the distribution as in the companies movements, to detect probables irregularities in the products dissapearence.
  • Security Control.
    Assesorment in differents kinds of security controls,as in technology, as in the use of electronical devices of the last generation in the world.
  • Silent recordings.