The service of phone analysis that A.AACCESS offers consists on the confirmation, study and inspection of all the elements characteristic of a phone net, either analogical or digital.

The mentioned analysis includes the phone terminals, the distribution net, the switchboard characteristic of the client, and the distributor or distributors.

The service is carried out from two different points of view to obtain a more global vision:

The first one, consists on the study of the technical parameters of the phone net with the primordial objective of checking substantial variations that can be symptom of the presence of hidden devices. This implies a very exact knowledge of the net and analyzed terminals. Signs of radio frequency are also looked for in very wide frequency bands.

The second consists on the physical analysis of the phone net as an element able to transport an audio signal either analogical or digital. This way we will know if a line is intervened and we will also know the exact distance to which the intervention is.