The Radio Electric / Environmental Analisys service consists on the confirmation and study of the radio-electrical spectrum for the localization of possible electronic surveillance devices, so much if they are active or not.

They are also included the inspection of the cables of the electric net of the building and of any other wired system that can have in the place.

A wired system, although is outside of use, can be susceptible of being used as a means of transport of the conversations that can occurs inside their environment.

The analysis covers the frequencies of the radio-electric spectrum from 12 Khz. up to 4 Ghz, with diverse modulation types.

Following the principle of analyzing possible listeners from different points of view to obtain a more global vision, two methods are used at least:

The first one, consists on the use of an automatic scanner of harmonic frequencies that works with VCO (frequency of variable oscillator) and that allows the detection and later localization of any micro active transmitter present in the analysis object area.

The second allows the analysis from a screen of an spectrum analyzer in a manual way, selecting the bandwidth, the sensibility and the gain. Any sign centered in the screen is possible to hear with a FM demodulator that incorporates the device.