Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), detects the presence and locates the different systems of listens and electronic surveillance, either active or passive. TSCM, also analyzes the existent and possible shortcomings of security.

TSCM services are frequently required by different Organisms, Companies, Societies or Professionals that feel the necessity to protect its sensitive information, expressed by means of telephone calls, meetings, or making use of different electronic forms.

The works of a specialized TSCM company include the detection and elimination of intrusions and the preparation of sure environments for special meetings.

The threat, that a person can be listened illegally, depends on her position in the politics's world, the business, the information that manages and her personal life.

It can be affirmed that any person that manages sensitive information has risk of being objective of illegal listener.

Every day is more frequent the appearance of public scandals due to discovered illegals listeners. Think that many are not discovered, fundamentally because they are not looked for.

The devices of listens are in the market in specialized stores. They are relatively cheap and many of them easy to install. It is only necessary to find the opportunity...

Usually, when one thinks of this activity type, one has the belief that the telephone is the only element that can be subjected to intervention or that it is the easiest in the one that to make it.
It should also consider the possibility that it can be installed some micro-transmitter that detects environmental conversations, or that they can be using the electric net to take this conversations outside of the place. Laser technologies, recorders and wall microphones are also frequently used elements.

The work of a TSCM team embraces many disciplines including electronic, security, investigation, communications, alarms, photography, videotape, automobile systems, access control, computer science and hidden operations.

One acredited TSCM company Is formed by one or more individuals, who have received a lot of training in the matter. They has experience and completely up to date technology.

Many TSCM professionals has experience of this work as consequence from its previous ownership to the Forces of Security, Services of Intelligence, etc. Independently of its antecedents, they maintain its level of active competition with programs of training, constant tests of new devices in the international market, meetings, witnesses in exhibitions etc.

All the devices used in this occupation are a help and a means of obtaining the technical information. The results depend on the correct interpretation of the obtained data.

A professional TSCM company will always give a report of the developed work, so much in the positive cases of localization like in those that any element has not been discovered. Demand it when finishing their work.
Two or three days it is a prudential term, so that they can finish making the study of the obtained information.

When has the suspicion that is being subjected to one illegal listens it is convenient that contacts a TSCM services but should make it in a discreet way. Never use telephones, fax or suspicious computers. It would alert to the possible listens.
Don't comment it inside the main stays of their environment with other people. Make it outside of the place or in common places, corridors, stairways, etc.
Use public or not habitual telephones.

The TSCM company should have good reputation in the sector, excellent technical devices and specialized personnel. It will be impossible that a TSCM company offers clients' references to be this a work of high confidentiality.
To have an evaluation of their experience and quality, it is convenient to consult in the Sector of the Security for their reputation and ethics due to the importance of the topic.

It is convenient to have a previous interview to explain in detail which is the situation and to offer them data on the installation to be analyzed.

Invite them to visit the place with the purpose of that can have all the possible information.

The time used in the work can be from 3 or 4 hours until several days.

The search of environmental microphones should be completed in the hours of more activity, or at least in working hours.

In certain cases the phone sweepings or the controls in computer security, is suitable that they are done outside of labor schedules.