Who we are

A.ACCESS DETECTIVES is integrated by a group of Proffesionals which main objetive is support you in an adecuate decision through the achievement of data, references or proofs, so you can clear suspicions, recover your properties or resolve personal, familiar, corporatives or legal situations.

The success of our team is based in the quality of the service, confidentially, and permanent actualization and they are prepared to the use of the most advanced equipment and technology.
The great results acquired in all the operation areas are debt to our compromise to give you our best effort.

In reference to your Personal, Familiar or Conjugal life, we can help and orient you to identify situations as infidelity, indecency or irregular behaviour, bringing you all the data and evidence that support the information we collect.
In reference to people or properties localization, our estrategies and searching methodologies allow us to warrant a high number of positive results.

In the Empresarial area we can support you in the detection of the loss in case of ant robbery, fraud and confidence abuse, and in the identification and correction of the vulnerable points of your systems, as in the investigation and confirmation of the falsification and robbery of your products or technology, and investigation of commercial and socioeconomic antecedents. The electronic and lab services includes the survey and use of the most sofisticated technology, that allow you to obtain faithful infornation of the facts or suspects. We offer you: microphones, phones intervention detection, etc.

The juridical area gives you the indispensable legal advise that allow you to concrete your individual or commercial relations in a safe way, as iniciate or follow your legal controversies.

Our well known experience in this area distinguished us in the most important empresarial and legal circles, as in other countries for different organizations dedicated to the same activity.

The social and commercial growth actually makes more complex the empresarial and personal relationships, which are damaged for the insecurity and loss of credibility among the people. In this context, the decisions must been supported with opportune information about the behaviour and antecedents of the person or the organization, as an especialized legal advice.

With a high responsability to our comunity and sure of the need of rise and consolidate the respect and other values, the members of this work team effort permanently to orient our clients, based in our experience in the identification and solution of your personal or corporative problems.
For that, we promote and divulgue the efforts that public and private institutions make in relation of the areas such as those dedicated to support the family, rehabilitate in case of alcohol, drugs, neurosis, important facts with traumatic consecuences, and familiar violence.

We offer you support and free consultation through our different contact forms, which you can consult during the 365 days of the year, full time.